HOMESCHOOL OF ASIA WORLD (SYSTEM) – is a private, non-profit, educational research organization and online homeschooling services provider. It aims to assist schools, families, and individuals in promoting and implementing alternative modes of learning delivery through the combination of online interaction, homeschooling, and collaborative learning, popularly known today as non-conventional learning delivery.

Homeschool of Asia World System (HAWS) consortium with recognized educational institutions and corporations worldwide. HAWS is not a school. It provides non-conventional online learning interaction (e-mail, online modules or e-learning materials, video-conferencing, video podcast, etc.) between the learners and the schools.

Our partner schools will provide the written validation examinations, evaluation, and accreditation of the learners. The official credentials, such as Card or Form 138 and Form 137-E, will be issued by our school partners recognized by their respective education departments in the country of origin.

HAWS is a foreign and locally-based managed online institution through the World Wide Web. Hence, its experienced family of educators, researchers, and IT specialists are internet-linked in different parts of the Globe.

“HAWS ®, Your Gateway to Alternative Learning!”


Serve as a global online avenue and gateway in assisting family-supervised and directed learning delivery.


Introduce dynamic and innovative non-conventional learning opportunities and experiences to children and individuals through information and communications technology and the modern media culture.


  • Make learning easy, cooperative, collaborative, self-paced, engaging, and viable through family-supervised and directed means.
  • Assist the parents, and promote awareness of the importance of their more significant participation in educating their children.
  • Offer academic learning modes that are reactive to the needs of individuals and their environment at their own pace and interest.
  • To deliver an adaptable system of learning that will empower parents and every member of the family.
  • To assist in producing globally productive learners, thinkers, and young achievers of this world.

Brief History

Through its former organization, this entity started as a registered business offering computer-related services and IT consultancy in 1997.

When the electronic office software package became widespread, many people became eager to learn how to use the applications like word processing, electronic spreadsheet, and presentation software. Propelled by this demand, this entity has extended its services to computer software package tutorial and training through local correspondents.

Eventually, this entity offered both face-to-face and online tutorials in educational subjects, e. g. math, statistics, science, and further included services in research and evaluation in 2001.

Inspired by the rising popularity of homeschooling and its legality in different parts of the world, HAWS added homeschooling services to assist further every family who, for some reason, needs alternative means of non-conventional learning delivery. Thus, the Homeschool of Asia World System was born.

Homeschool of Asia World System is both foreign and locally-based managed institution through the World Wide Web. Hence, its correspondents are internet-linked in different parts of the Globe.

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A Subsidiary Online Education Support of  RFCSC Since 1997

THIS SITE SUPPORTS PH LAW (RA 10650) SERVING AS A GATEWAY TO OPEN AND DISTANCE LEARNING & HOMESCHOOLING: The law encourages media and telecommunications networks to promote Open and Distance Learning (ODL) programs. Further, it provides tax exemption to individuals and organizations that provide appropriate materials, time, and delivery support services for the promotion and support of ODL in partnership with both private and public Higher Education Institutions.