Homeschooling is open to learners who can demonstrate learning capacity through the close supervision of parents and are willing to undertake family supervised and directed learning. Online instructions will also be available through this website and other internet-based communication media.

Admission Requirement/s (As Required by the Consortium Schools):

  • Original NSO Copy of Birth Certificate (Incoming Kinder, Grade 1, Freshman/Grade 7 & Transferee)
  • Report Card (Form 138) and/or Form 137 (If available)
  • Good Moral Character
  • Transfer Credentials from Former School (for Transferees)
  • Medical Certificate (optional)
  • Four (4) Pcs. Passport Size (2″ X 2″) Color Picture of the Learner
  • One (1) Color 4R Family Picture (The Learner & The Parent/s)

IMPORTANT: Incoming student (homeschooler) must not in any way currently enrolled at the same time in another school – “double-enrollment.” This is not allowed by the Education Department.

Scanned/Pictured Copy of all documents must be submitted through our official e-mail address shown below. However, ALL ORIGINAL COPIES must be submitted via courier (e.g., LBC, JRS Express, etc.). The destination address will be sent to your e-mail upon submitting the scanned/pictured copies.

The learner and the parent shall undergo one-time mandatory face-to-face orientation meetings through our main office, pre-arrange satellite venues, or to our school partners (in-group or individually) to meet the following:

  • Submission of Requirements (see specific requirements posted in each academic program)
  • Filling-out of application forms
  • Permanent Record
  • Learner’s Agreement
  • Subjects and Schedule of Fees
  • Orientation on direct and supervision of learning.
  • Distribution of initial list of learning materials and guidelines
  • Signing of learning contract (parent, guardian, learner)

Official eMail Address:

  • (copy furnish: