Registration can be done in any of the following modes:


• Online Registration

From this web site, you can register online. Just click the ONLINE REGISTRATION tab and fill out the pertinent information in the boxes/field provided.

• Through e-mail

You can also register by sending an e-mail to Through e-mail, you can also put your other concerns and inquiries. After sending an e-mail, you will receive a confirmation of your inquiry with the complete procedure of registration, answer to your inquiries, and attached application form.


Payment of Dues (e.g. admission, registration) shall be made exclusively in any of our Corporate and/or Treasurer’s Account/s.

Full instruction of the Payment Procedure will be sent ONLY to your official e-mail.
FOR FOUNDATION SUPPORT AND SPECIAL DISCOUNT: All Foundation-supported and Discounted Fees must be paid through Corporate Treasure’s Account.